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rural area, Delhi


Our community development project is where it all began. Started in 2007 and managed by Rajan and Bigi who have a passion for serving the marginalised community, teamed up with Graham to plan and initiate this project. The community development project is essentially a community centre providing pre-school education, social services and building relationships within the community. When the project grew and was overflowing, it was decided that a trust should be formed to be able to support this project and keep it running. This was the beginning of Good Word Trust. 

Close to the border of Delhi, this community lives below the poverty line and are mostly migrants from surrounding states who move here (into the National Capital Region) to find work. Many families are here without any support and this is where the project comes in to benefit the community. The community centre is where the pre-school is held and also where events, such as celebrations and community health meetings take place. Families that live below the poverty line sometimes have limited knowledge about how living standards can be improved, and resources that they can get. We work to enable these families to improve their future by offering these community services.

Community Development focuses on bringing the community together and providing a support system for families who live below the poverty line.

The community centre with pre-schoolers during the holiday period

The community centre with pre-schoolers during the holiday period

Community Development is managed by Rajan and Bigi



Tilpat, faridabad, Haryana State

Located in the rural area of Faridabad within the NCR (National Capital Region), the school provides formal (CBSE) and non-formal schooling from pre-nursery to Grade 4. The children who attend Good Kidz School are mostly from families who have an uneducated background so most of them do not know the importance of education. The families speak various languages like Hindi, Haryanvi, Bhojpuri, Bengali, or other rural dialects and come from neighbouring states: Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi and West Bengal. Most of the families have come in search of a better living that is close to the city of Delhi. Most fathers are daily wage workers and mothers are housewives, and with a family of 4-8 children.

The school has a roll of about 150 students. They are divided between 6 classrooms and 7 staff members. The building is of a satisfactory condition however there is a need for extra space. The limited amount of space restricts the ability to conduct physical activities or an assembly area. Each classroom is fully packed with students. It also means that we have to refuse admissions because there isn't enough place. We hope to move to a building with larger rooms and we pray that God opens this door for us soon. The school teaches Hindi, Maths, English, Science, Environment Studies, Art, General Knowledge and Physical Education. The children learn basic hygiene practices and use them during school hours. This allows a way for them to influence their families at home and improve their hygiene standards. The school hosts various celebrations during the year including Independence Day, Christmas Day and Republic Day. There are regular parent-teacher meetings where teachers are able to hear parents' concerns and where teachers can provide encouragement. Good Kidz School also joins the Government polio programme for provision of polio-drops for children under 5.

Our vision is that good education is provided to children through sponsorship and that they will be equipped for further studies. We hope that with this project, we will be able to see the community become more aware about improving their standard of living.

Good Kidz School is managed by Rajan and Bigi, and has a staff of local teachers.
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coonoor, Tamil nadu

Since the Right to Education Act in 2009, schools have had to develop strategies for meeting the needs of children with special education needs. This project helps schools and parents to know that learning difficulties can be helped and should not act as a barrier to education. Christine is qualified in special education from the UK and teaches students, trains teachers and also advises schools on making provisions for children with special education needs.

Good Word Education Centre is associated with Martin Luther Christian University, Shillong and is able to offer nationally recognised certificates/diplomas in a range of educational subjects that allow teachers to maintain their professional development whilst in full time employment. 

Good Word Education Centre offers the following services:
- Courses varying in length from one day to one year consisting of contact classes, assignments,  and practical components ensuring all courses are relevant to the teachers workplaces.
- Courses designed to equip teachers to manage children with special education needs in their schools including special educational needs coordinators course. 
- Educational assessments for students along with individual learning plans made in consultation with the school and parents.
- Specialist tuition for children with learning disabilities given by trained tutors.   

Good Word Education Centre is managed by Christine
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