Our partners are projects we have grown to believe in and support. 

These are projects we have partnered with for almost a decade. We are proud to be a part of their own community development.  

- Sam & Moi

A boys home that functions as a family and serves the boys in a family-based environment where they can find true acceptance, love, and security.

With a total of 13 members in the family and 7 of them being boys taken in from the streets, Onesimus Home aims to provide these boys a stable family environment. Sam and Moi took their first boy in about 13 years ago, who has just recently left to live independently. The home shows no regard to the boys’ societal or family background they belong to and provides a proper, Godly family environment for the boys to understand their value, purpose, calling and the rights they have within mainstream society and in the body of Christ. The 7 boys have been living in the home for most of their childhood and are all now in high school except for two who have graduated. 

Our work with Onesimus Home started when we got to know them back in 2005. We currently work beside them to ensure that these boys settle into a lifestyle far divorced from the lives of risk they came from and in 2014 we began the process of buying land to build a residence for Onesimus Home. The full cost of the boys’ schooling is met by sponsorships through the trust. 

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- Gerry & Wendy

Improving the survival and health of poor infants by partnering with Christian hospitals to provide healthcare education in the developing world.

Grace Babies comprises of Wendy and Gerry, who are passionate about the medical world in India with their main focus in paediatrics. Wendy, a registered nurse and qualified nurse practitioner leads most of the work with Grace Babies. Their project has three components – sponsoring hospital stay for newborns, training, and health education. The hospitals involved with Grace Babies are mostly rural hospitals which are concerned about the high mortality rate among mothers and babies. More in-depth information about the Grace Babies project can be found on their Facebook page.

Good Word Trust has known Wendy and Gerry even before the Grace Babies project began, so it was only natural that when the need of warm clothing for neonates came into demand, Good Word Trust offered a helping hand in spreading the word around. This led to an overwhelming amount of new-born baby woollens being knitted and brought into India.

If you'd like to be part of this project, you can download the knitting pattern and instructions on where to send them here. We are also always looking for people to carry woollens over to this side of the world. If you are heading to Delhi and are interested in helping out, contact us and in return we will introduce you to India! This is the best way to bring the woollens over without them being lost on the way.